Contact & Newsletter

Contact and Newsletter


If you’d like to book me to perform, run a workshop or write to commission please fill in the form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I’m also available to host events, chair and sit on discussion panels, give talks and run workshops. I am friendly and hardly ever bite – if you have a question, please just ask!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a brief bit about money.

Artistic collaborations & everything else

Got an idea? Let’s talk!
l’m always interested in collaborations with interesting projects and artists from other disciplines. I’m especially interested in anything exploring gender, myth/folklore/magic, sexuality, the power of narrative, the environment, identity, and protest. I have worked as an Outside Eye, taken part in other projects’ R&Ds, and written the philosophical musings of aging oak trees for site-specific interactive sculptures.
I’m very happy to chat about being on your ACE funding bid in an artistic or consultation capacity, and am available for private mentoring, editing and consultation sessions.
For all these enquiries, or for anything else, just send me an emai via this form.


    Curious about what I’m getting up to?

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    No need to worry about being snowed under with emails- this will only go out around once a month unless something very new and exciting happens that just can’t wait. It will probably contain extracts of poems I like and pictures of tiny mushrooms though, so be warned.


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    A few words about money:

    My fees are variable depending on commission type. I’m based in central Bristol, and transport is additional at £0.44 p/mile. I’ll try to use public transport as often as possible but sometimes it’s just more practical to drive.

    If it’s an evening event more than 2 hours away from Bristol, then I’ll usually require overnight accomodation.

    If it takes me 3 hours or more to get to the venue then an additional rate of £10 p/hr will usually apply to anything above that to cover my time.