Dry Season

“Her unapologetic words deliver eloquent punches, her poetry challenging audiences to look her straight in the eyes and meet her for who she is. Kat’s performance is compelling and magnetic.”

Anita Kelly, theatre reviewer.
Full review here

“Effortless blend of humour and poignancy” 

“This kind of work is desperately needed”

“Perfect mix of raw honesty, humour and beauty”           

“Loved it- brilliant, engaging and vitally important”

Audience feedback, Alma Theatre

A spoken word theatre show exploring identity, aging and the menopause via an autobiographical journey through one woman's experience of premature ovarian failure. Intimate, tender, and unashamed to air dirty laundry in public, Dry Season seeks to create space to break the silence surrounding 'the change' and its less-than-glamorous effects.

May 2019 - Sept 2019: Research and development leading to work in progress performances.

I found out in May 2019 that I’d been awarded funding from Arts Council England to research and develop my first solo show ‘Dry Season‘. This funding has meant that I was able to bring in some amazing partners to work with me on this project. I spent the summer rehearsing with my dramaturge/ movement advisor Laura Dannequin up at Ashton Court arts mansion as part of my artist’s residency with Artspace Lifespace. Working with her in that space was invaluable for expanding the physicality of my work, and the R&D process was being documented by local filmmakers Black Bark Films, who also produced the promotional showreel.

Work in progress showings:

  • 23rd-25th Aug, Red Sea Travel Agency, Shambala Festival. With artist’s Q&A and accompanying interactive creative workshops. Free.
  • 29th Aug, The Arts Mansion, Ashton Court, Bristol. Low-tech scratch performance and artists Q&A. Free.
  • 3rd Sept, Alma Theatre, Bristol. With artist Q&A. Double bill with Isadora Vibes presenting a specially curated version of her intimate performance Soak.

Huge thank yous to my other bid partners and project supporters, without whom none of this would have been possible: Bristol Womens Voice, Lucy English, Danny Pandolfi, Laura Murphy, Anna Freeman and Bridget Hart.

Thank you also to everyone who supported me throughout my diagnosis, and to those who generously shared their menopause experiences with me to help inform this project. If you or anyone you know is looking for support or information on this subject, Bristol Women’s Voice carried out research and put on a series of ‘Talking about Menopause’ events to produce a free Menopause Info Pack which is clear, informative, and inclusive. Outside of Bristol, The Daisy Network is also an invaluable resource to those affected, and is currently the only charity in the UK focusing on the issue of premature ovarian failure/insufficiency